Aug 7, 2007

Breaking tea at the office

I keep a tea set at the office, because when things get stressful, I try to take a fifteen minute break and make myself a bowl of tea. When there are more than 300 email messages to answer, my voice mail is overflowing and most of the time is spent in meetings and it seems like I am drowning in paperwork, I need tea more than ever.

Besides having a caffeine boost from the matcha powdered tea, the ritual of making a bowl of tea calms me and brings back my focus. I feel less overwhelmed, and more able to get back to work and be productive. When I am working those late nights, a bowl of tea keeps me going until I finish what I need to do.

At some of my jobs over the years, I have started a weekly “tea break” where a few people gather in my office to share a bowl of tea. At the end of a hectic week, it is a great way to start the weekend.

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