May 22, 2013

Summer sweets workshop

This Saturday, May 25th is the summer sweets workshop

It will take place at Issoan Tea School, 17761 NW Marylhurst Ct. Portland, OR 97229

From 1 -3 pm,  cost is $25. All recipes, ingredients and molds provided. Bring apron and container to take home your sweets.

We will be making mizu yokan, kudzu yaki and koi in a pond. 

Mizu yokan is a favorite summer time treat.  In Kyoto we would buy them chilled in these green bamboo tubes and they would poke a hole in the bottom so you suck them out and eat them.  You can also mold them in a pan and slice them into squares or if you have cooking cutters, cut them into shapes.

Kudzu yaki is made with kudzu starch and cooked until clear. The kudzu is poured into a mold and dusted with potato starch and grilled. 

Koi in a pond is an white bean paste koi sculpture in a round mold with kanten surrounding it.

Please mail me or call me if you would like to attend. 
Margie 503-645-7058
There will be a limit on the number of people to as many as I can fit in my kitchen.  (5-6 people).

May 9, 2013

Midorikai notes

My very good friend from Seattle has just started his year at Miorikai.  For the first month he is posting nearly everyday. For those of you curious about study in Japan at the heart of the Urasenke school, he is quite articulate. 

Unlike me, Philip has spent time in Japan going to University, he has friends in Japan and speaks Japanese, so his experience is quite different than mine.  I had never been to Japan, I didn't know anyone, and I could only speak three phrases not in the tea dialog or greetings: hajime mashite, Marjorie desu, biru onegaishi masu, and oishi desu.

And I know you will enjoy his photos of the fabulous sweets they get to eat every day.. Check out his blog: Drinking Liminality: Tea across borders

May 1, 2013

From the Archives

Last month was a very busy month with demonstrations, new classes, workshops and other things going.on.  You will hear about them in later posts but for now, here is my inspiration for a tea sweet I made.  It is a tsubaki (camellia) from my yard.  Picture of the tea sweet appears at the end of this post.

 It is hard to believe that I started this blog 5 years ago this month.  I was going back through the archives and I think there are some posts that haven't been seen if you have just joined recently.   One of these days I will organize everything and publish it in a more coherent manner.  In the meantime try looking at these:

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If you are interested, please browse the rest of the archives.  There may be something you might find interesting.