Apr 13, 2008

New beginner class

I have a new Introduction to Japanese tea ceremony class beginning in May. More details as I work out the schedule.

Also Issoan tea school will be presenting Japanese tea ceremony at Uwajimaya's Sakura Festival in Beaverton, Oregon on Saturday April 19 at 9:45 am.

Uwajimaya Parking lot
10500 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: (503)643-4512


  1. I was introduced to you blog by Jane, a fellow student of Nuido but has been studying for longer than me. Would that make Jane my sempia?

    I went to the beginning of your blog and over a few days have read every entry and thoroughly enjoyed the insight you have give. Before I started to study Japanese Embroidery I could not have believed that it would take a life time to learn how to perform Chanoyu. Through my own studies I can appreciate the concept of Chado and why the learning is never complete. I have especially enjoyed reading The Seven Rules of Rikyu and will be referring to them again and again to see how I can apply them to my chosen 'way' and to my life.

    I'd like to talk about Vermeer and so much more but if I said all that I wanted to in this one comment I would be like an uninvited guest, who talks too much.


  2. Welcome, Carol-Anne,

    Please say hello to Jane and thank her for referring you to my blog. I guess since she has studied longer than you, Jane would be your sempai.

    My goodness, you went through and read my whole blog? Thank you and I am flattered.

    Rikyu also wrote a hundred poems for the study of Chanoyu and I will be referring to them in future posts, so I hope you will check back.

    As far as being an uninvited guest, you are no such thing. I hope you can return often and post. I have been dying to have conversations with people and Vermeer is one of my favorite artists. So please feel free to comment. I will always reply.