Jul 9, 2008

Wherever you are, you are here now

This is a scroll that is hung in the tea room:


Hobo seifu okosu
Step by step, the pure breeze comes

It is a timely scroll as the hot weather is upon us now. The pure breeze like a breath of fresh air, cools and cleanses us. Step by step, as if we are walking towards the breeze, it comes closer.

Fellow students and my own tea students often lament that they wish that they were further along with their tea studies. Other times students look at how far they have to go in their studies that they get discouraged.

What this scroll is telling us is that looking ahead and wishing for something that is not here yet can be frustrating. If I take one step at at time, the rewards will come. In our tea studies each temae builds upon the last one. Jumping ahead before learning the lessons of the previous temae will only confuse you. It is better to concentrate on where you are now, learn the lessons before moving on to the next one.

Like any endeavor or undertaking, step by step will get you towards your goal. There are no shortcuts. Like gardening, losing weight or getting in shape, you cannot wake up one day already at your goal. You must work at it every day -- and then the pure breeze comes.


  1. :) indeed. Thank you for the comment.


  2. I find your writing very inspirational. I think that nuido - the way of embroidery- and Chado have a lot in common, even though their paths lead to totally different arts.

    I have nominated your blog for the "Arte y Pico" award for inspirational blogs.

  3. Carol,

    Welcome back and thank you for commenting. I do think nuido and Chado have a lot in common. It is a path to realize how we are in the world and learn our lessons. Just like other "do," akikdo, kendo, kado (flower arrangement) and shodo (brush calligraphy) all these arts have a lot in common.

    Thank you also for the nomination. I am flattered you think my blog is inspirational and want to share it with others.

    Take care,