Aug 6, 2008

Suzushi the cooling breeze

In the heat of August it is often difficult and challenging for tea people. It only makes sense to do asa cha, early morning tea before the heat of the day makes it unbearable. Who wants to sit near the furo with charcoal fire burning while it is 95 or 100º ? According to the lunar calendar, the first day of autumn is around the 7th or 8th but autum seems like a long way off especially since we had a long cool spring that lasted until the end of June.

Be kind to your guests and invite them to early morning tea. You will have to get up very early, but water the garden and the water droplets look inviting and cool. Outdoor tea in the morning would refreshing, too.

Project cool, cool, cool with light colored kimono that may be a little less formal, serve food that is cool or resembles flowing water, ice or seasonal fruits. Use wide flat teabowls to dissapate the heat of the tea and whisk longer to get a good froth and cool the tea a little.

Pray for a cooling breeze to rustle the leaves and most of all project with your mind cool, calm and collected.

Don't forget the new class How to be a guest at Tea Ceremony starts tomorrow night at Ryokusuido Tea House.


  1. temae,

    Thank you for the comment, and you are very welcome. How is the weather where you are? Are you staying cool?


  2. Hi Margie-sensei,
    We had just passed through hottest days here, it was not so easyto stay cool, but still we had really beautiful summer.
    Thanks, so much!