Nov 21, 2008

25 Things Chado, the way of tea has taught me

I apologize for not posting more this month. Time got away from me and I will be posting again more often.

Here are 25 things I have learned in my journey along the path:
1. Pay attention
2. Acknowledge others
3. Care for your guests
4. Be a considerate guest
5. Respect other people’s time
6. Respect other people’s space
7. Rediscover silence
8. Listen
9. Be inclusive
10. Speak kindly
11. Don’t gossip
12. Restrain yourself
13. Think the best
14. Accept and give praise
15. Respect even the subtle “no”
16. Respect others’ opinions
17. Mind your body
18. Be agreeable
19. Don’t shift responsibility and blame.
20. Apologize earnestly
21. Ask questions at appropriate times
22. Think twice before asking for favors
23. Don’t complain
24. Accept and give constructive criticism
25. Live in harmony with nature


  1. A very nice list, if/when I take up teaching again I think I will use this.

  2. Forgot to ask may I use the list on the wiki? I think this is a very nice list to describe a tea-person.

  3. beautiful list, just like Buddhist precepts. :)

    take care,

  4. Marius, Thank you for your comment. You can use this on the wiki, but I am not sure that this list is what everyone learns for the way of tea, just my list. Do you have a list? Why not think of others to add for your own journey of chado.

    Vinicius, Thank you too for your comment. I don't know much about Buddhism so I didn't know it was like Buddhist precepts. They must be universal, or maybe just life precepts.