Apr 19, 2009

Under the cherry trees

Thank you to Ikuko and her husband Mike for coming out to view the sakura and share their tasty lunch with us. And thank you Ronda for wearing your kimono. It was a lovely day, although we missed the blossoms by a few days, we served several adventurous souls tea and sweets.


  1. Hi Margie and friends! This looks really amazing; having tea outside. I miss being in Portland and seeing all the blossoms falling. I imagine it would be a beautiful thing to serve a bowl of tea and a sakura petal falls in unexpectedly. Has that ever happened?

  2. Chris,
    I wished you could have been there with us to share a bowl of tea. Yes, I've had sakura petals fall into my teabowl when drinking one time.

    Let me know when you are next in town and we'll have tea together.