Nov 22, 2009

New Japanese Tea Garden

We have permission and will soon be kicking off an ambitious project.  The students and I will be building a new Japanese Tea Garden in the backyard of Ryokusuido.  We are excited that Marc Peter Kean's new book has come out just as we are beginning planning for the garden.  We also have secured Virginia Harmon, director of grounds maintenance at the Portland Japanese Garden as our advisor.  One of the things we need to do is raise funds and donations to get started.  If anyone has suggestions for fundraising or plant, tools or materials donations to our efforts, please let me know.

We will be documenting our progress at a new blog Ryokusuido Tea Garden.  Please join us on our journey to complete this project.  I'll add a link to the new blog.  (Blog now closed).


  1. The obvious fundraising idea that springs to mind is tea demonstrations.

  2. Anonymous,
    Wow that was quick. Thank you for your suggestion. And yes, we have planned for demonstrations in the coming year.

  3. Hi, I stumbled on this post while researching japanese gardens. I went to the Ryokusuido blog and see that you haven't posted for awhile. So I just wanted to know how the gardens progressing?

  4. Hello anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. We have had some set backs regarding the planning and personnel of our tea garden, but I hope we can re-start our efforts and begin fund raising this coming year.