Aug 3, 2010

A life with tea

An interesting article by Dr. Andrew Weil about the health benefits of green tea.  In part two he talks about drinking matcha in the morning.  I also drink matcha in the morning much like Dr. Weil.  I don't go through the whole ceremony, but I do warm the bowl, scoop tea and whisk it to a froth.  I always sit down to drink my matcha rather than stand in the kitchen and drink it.

When I was in Midorikai, I asked my sempai if I could make him a bowl of tea in the mizuya after class one day.  I was very casual about it and didn't do a good job whisking it.  He told me that every time I make a bowl of tea, I should whisk it as if I was making tea for the grand tea master: that I should put as much care and thought about making the tea as if I were in the tea room.  Every bowl of tea, he said, was the real tea.

So make yourself a bowl of matcha and take the time to make a real bowl of tea.

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