Jan 4, 2011

New Class Introduction to Chanoyu, The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Introduction to 
Chanoyu, the Japanese Tea Ceremony
Harmony, purity, respect and tranquility.  These are the four principles of tea ceremony distilled from Japanese culture.  In this ten week class, students will be introduced to Chado, the way of tea. The arts of Japan will be examined through the ritual preparation and drinking of matcha, Japanese ceremonial tea.   

Students will participate in at least six tea ceremonies, an incense ceremony, and kimono dressing.  Japanese architecture, gardening,ceramics, flower arranging and calligraphy will also be covered. The final class will be a formal tea gathering for friends and family at the Portland Japanese Garden authentic tea house.

New Class: Starts Wednesday, Wednesday January 12  7:00 – 8:30 pm.
3826 NE Glisan St. 
Once a week for 10 weeks
Fee: $250, materials will be available for purchase at class.

www.issoantea.com for more information.
Space is limited, call 503-645-7058 to register
Marjorie Yap, Instructor, Urasenke Tradition of Tea


  1. Sorry, the link to issoantea is now fixed.


  2. Oh, I DO hope you'll offer another! I can't make this round

  3. Yes, I'll be offering another class soon. Watch this blog.