Apr 14, 2011

From the archives

I  can't believe that it has been four years of blogging.   I just went back to review some old posts.
I hope you enjoy these:

1 year ago:  The right way  The heart of tea and After a tea gathering

2 years ago:  It's not my fault  Slow down  Breaking bad habits and Pay attention to what you are doing

3 years ago:  Time for reflection  The physicality of tea practice

4 years ago:  Sitting seiza, the bane of tea students  The ritual of tea ceremony class  and The seven rules of Rikyu

Go ahead, explore the rest of the blog.


  1. Thank you for these past four years of blogging! It has been a pleasure to read, and it is especially instructive for me as a new Midorikai student.

  2. Katie,
    Congratulations, and I do hope you enjoy your Midorikai experience. Please let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear about it.