Feb 12, 2012

SweetPersimmon.com has new products

I have just updated my store SweetPersimmon.com with Chanoyu utensils and new handbags.  Many old handbags are now on sale.  Natsume, chashakku, chasen, hishaku are now availble at the store.

As promised, Aoi Tea Company matcha is now for sale, too.  This is a quality matcha that is good enough to be used as koicha.  It is smooth, creamy and tasty.  $32 for a 30gr can.  Chamei (poetic name) for this tea is kiri same (misty rain).  Very appropriate for the Pacific Northwest, don't you think?


  1. I'm a happy owner of one of your bags!

  2. Thank you Steph. You can come look at the bags anytime.