Mar 14, 2012


Furyu is composed of two characters meaning, “wind” and “flowing.” Like the moving wind, it can be sensed but not seen. It is both tangible and intangible in its suggested elegance. And like the wind, furyu points to a wordless ephemeral beauty that can only be experienced in the moment, for in the next instant it will dissolve like the morning mist.


  1. we plan to have a 2012 darjeeling first flush online tea tasting session .. any ideas on how we can work on it and have more and more people participate so we can make people aware of single estate high end darjeeling rare exclusive teas ... also more and more discussions would help us interact with each other ... thank you! ankit lochan -

  2. Ankitlochan, thank you for your comment. I'd love to have more comments and discussion, but but let's try to keep it non commercial on this blog.

  3. It seems he hit all the tea blogs that day.

    I really love the deep elegance behind furyu, I have just recently finished a calligraphy piece with these two characters(I'm still a beginner). I feel the flow of these characters themselves suggests their meanings, There is something intrinsic to the characters that gives me the impression of a gentle yet present breeze.


  4. Patrick,
    Thank you for your comment. I am a beginner in calligraphy, too. I love the feeling of these characters,too. Calligraphy is not just writing letters meant to communicate concepts, but are beautiful expressions of the calligrapher and art as well.