Jul 3, 2012

From the archives

Today is my 400th post and to celebrate, (ha) I went back to read all the entries from the beginning. I am linking to some of my favorite posts, in no particular order.   What is your favorite post on the site?

Guest ettiquette for chakai

Hataraki - working things out

Thoughts on gomei or poetic names
Do Gaku Jitsu

The season for udon

Its not about perfection

Dogu, more tea stuff

Sitting seiza is not comfortable

Easy Daifukumochi tea sweet recipe

Just say "hai"

Basically anything that I wrote with the phrase "sensei says"

In memory of Minako sensei

Take a left before you get to the Buddha

The host revealed

The danger of cutting flowers

Wagashi for foodies

 The power of committment

Expert Tea Master

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