Sep 17, 2012

Fall Introduction to Chado Class

The Fall Beginners Class: Introduction to Chado, The Japanese Tea Ceremony is now forming.

Students will learn the etiquette of how to be a guest at a tea ceremony, the basic order of the tea ceremony and how to whisk green powdered ceremonial tea. Students will also participate in Japanese tea ceremonies.  An overview of Japanese aesthetics and how tea has influenced Japanese culture will be presented.  Students will also be introduced to tea ceramics, calligraphy, kimono dressing, and incense ceremony. They will also be introduced to zazen meditation and discuss how to put tea practice into every day life.

Meets, Thursdays 6-8:30, for 10 weeks starting October 4, 2012
Fee: $250, includes all equipment, tea, sweets and supplies for all classes including calligraphy, kimono and incense.

We have a new SE Portland venue:

Portland Tea Enthusiasts' Alliance
828 Southeast Ash Street, #204
Portland, OR 97214
To register contact
Marjorie Yap, Instructor
Phone: 503.645.7058,

Alternate contact while I am out of town

(971) 258-2832


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