May 22, 2013

Summer sweets workshop

This Saturday, May 25th is the summer sweets workshop

It will take place at Issoan Tea School, 17761 NW Marylhurst Ct. Portland, OR 97229

From 1 -3 pm,  cost is $25. All recipes, ingredients and molds provided. Bring apron and container to take home your sweets.

We will be making mizu yokan, kudzu yaki and koi in a pond. 

Mizu yokan is a favorite summer time treat.  In Kyoto we would buy them chilled in these green bamboo tubes and they would poke a hole in the bottom so you suck them out and eat them.  You can also mold them in a pan and slice them into squares or if you have cooking cutters, cut them into shapes.

Kudzu yaki is made with kudzu starch and cooked until clear. The kudzu is poured into a mold and dusted with potato starch and grilled. 

Koi in a pond is an white bean paste koi sculpture in a round mold with kanten surrounding it.

Please mail me or call me if you would like to attend. 
Margie 503-645-7058
There will be a limit on the number of people to as many as I can fit in my kitchen.  (5-6 people).


  1. Wow, I wish I lived on the west coast! I've never seen kudzu yaki, and I've only seen pictures of koi in a pond. It's white bean paste in kanten? How do you sculpt the fish? And does the kanten need to be poured in in layers so that the fish stays in the middle, or can it be poured in all at once? Maybe I'll try making it this summer :)

    1. Tea Apprentice,
      Thank you for your comment. I promise to take pictures and post them on the blog. As for the koi in a pond, did you ever play with play-doh?


    2. Oh no, I have always been terrible at sculpting things with Play Doh! Doh! :P Well, I will give it a try anyway...

    3. While awaiting your post I gave my own try. I'm afraid my fish look more like sharks. My husband said they were like arrows. Sigh! My tea teacher thought they were fish, at least (though she said the bigger ones looked a little dead). I didn't make the kanten in layers, which probably didn't help the 'dead' aspect. Thanks for the inspiration, though! I'll need more practice...